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FPR opens a new site in Scotland

Fire extinguisher and fire safety equipment recycling specialist Fire Protection Recycling (FPR) have opened a new site in Falkirk, Scotland.

The West Midlands based company started in 2010 and has been operating UK-wide since then, more recently establishing operations in Poland and Czech Republic.A faster response North of the Border

The new facility in Falkirk will enable the company, part of the Tennals Group, to offer a rapid response to private companies, public sector buildings and fire safety companies throughout Scotland.

The business principally offers the safe disposal and recycling of fire extinguishers in addition to other fire safety equipment (sprinkler system equipment, fire alarm panels etc).Putting Safety First

This expansion comes at a time when media have reported a man experiencing a cardiac arrest after attempting to scrap a fire extinguisher himself by removing a brass collar with an axe. The inappropriate and unsafe method adopted resulted in the extinguisher exploding with fragments of metal hitting the man in the chest. Paramedics called to the scene had to carry out CPR and the man was transferred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he remained in a serious condition.

Fire Protection Recycling exists to ensure incidents like this do not happen. Highly trained specialists use specific tried and tested methods in a controlled environment to decommission and safely dismantle out of service fire extingishers.Collection Service in Scotland

Registered and experienced fire safety servicing companies sometimes choose to deliver fire extinguishers to the companies designated drop-off points, however Fire Protection Recycling also offer a collection service where the extinguishers and other out-of-service fire prevention equipment is collected from you. The regularity of this service will now be increased throughout Scotland with the opening of the Falkirk site.

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