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Fire Protection Recycling Become Approved Members Of The British Fire Consortium

Fire Protection Recycling are pleased to announce their membership of the British Fire Consortium.

The primary aims of the BFC are to maintain the high quality technical standards of their members and to actively encourage all members to obtain third party accreditation to ISO 9001 or equivalent approval bodies recognised by the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA).

Members of the Britsh Fire Consortium are recognised as supplying quality products and highly professional servicing for many aspects of fire prevention and fire protection. Products and servicing provided by BFC members include extinguishers, signage, alarms, sprinklers, dry risers, emergency lighting and risk assessment together with many additional fire safety products and services such as the recycling of fire protection equipment.

The BFC promote best practice within the fire protection and fire prevention industry through representation with official UK and European bodies together with other relevant industry agencies, institutions and associations. The BFC provide technical advice and approved training for members.

It is our intention at Fire Protection Recycling to play an active and consistent role by ensuring our service levels meet and exceed those expected as members of the British Fire Consortium.

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