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Halon extinguisher disposal and recycling service now offered

The experienced fire protection equipment recyclers at Fire Protection Recycling are able to offer a safe and efficient collection and recycling service for the safe disposal of halon extinguishers. Often previously associated with the fire prevention of IT equipment and other high tech facilities, halon fire extinguishers can be identified by their green, portable appearance. They were deemed particularly appropriate to the tech industry as the halon 1211 material did not damage technical equipment. It was also known in the UK as BCF.

After it was discovered that halon was particularly damaging to the environment due to its ozone depleting content, many countries banned Halon due to its impact on the environment. All halon systems and fire extinguishers had to be decommissioned by 31 December 2003.

Those business premised which still have halon cannisters can identify them by their racing green colour. Many people choose to replace them with CO2 extinguishers, particularly when they have electrical equipment.

If you do find any halon extinguishers on your premises they must be properly decommisioned and disposed of immediately. Please call us, stating that the enquiry involves halon extinguishers and we will act very quickly for you. We can collect the extinguishers from your premises safely and bring them back to our facility to be recycled responsibly.

For more information on halon extinguisher recycling please call Fire Protection Recycling on freephone 0800 0194529 or email

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