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Why Use Fire Protection Recycling?

We Guarantee That Almost All Parts Of Extinguishers Will Be Recycled

100% Guarantee That No Part Of A Condemned Or End-Of-Useful-Life Extinguisher Will Re-enter Service Elsewhere

A Strategic Partner You Can

Depend On

Help your clients meet and exceed their environmental targets through our efficient recycling service

Assist them in minimising health and safety risks associated with fire protection and prevention

We are an ideal partner for:

  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing Contractors

  • Health and Safety Consultants

  • Environmental Consultants

  • Fire Service Departments

  • Car Manufacturers

  • Light Industry, Warehouses & Logisticss

  • Facilities Managers

  • Contract Cleaners

  • Commercial Landlords And Property Management Companies

  • Council Departments

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Serviced Offices

Partnerships With Fire Service Departments


Fire Protection Recycling are pleased to hear from any fire extinguisher servicing contractors based in the UK or Europe.

We also welcome enquiries from Facilities Managers, Business Managers or Public Sector Managers who would like to know more about how we can help you and your clients ensure their premises are as safe as possible. 

Many fire brigades and regional fire fighting departments promote the importance of keeping fire protection equipment regularly inspected, serviced and well maintained.  We are able to collect and recycle fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment and parts from fire brigades across the UK and Europe.  We can also collect from the businesses and public sector personnel your fire department advise on fire prevention.

We provide a regular collection and recycling service for fire extinguishers. This is available to sites which have their own inhouse fire fighting and prevention teams.  This includes airports, MOD sites and large public buildings and transport sites.  We can collect and recycle fire extinguishers used during training exercises.  Those that have not passed inspection, servicing and maintenance checks can be collected and recycled.

We would be pleased to hear from fire service and brigades throughout the UK and Europe to discuss how we can best assist you. We can also work with fire extinguisher servicing contractors which you may have formed relationships with in the course of the work and advice you give to the public sector and business community.

For more infomation please call or email us via our contact us page.

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