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Why Use Fire Protection Recycling?

We Guarantee That Almost All Parts Of Extinguishers Will Be Recycled

100% Guarantee That No Part Of A Condemned Or End-Of-Useful-Life Extinguisher Will Re-enter Service Elsewhere

A Strategic Partner You Can

Depend On

Help your clients meet and exceed their environmental targets through our efficient recycling service

Assist them in minimizing health and safety risks associated with fire protection and prevention

We are an ideal partner for:

  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing Contractors

  • Health and Safety Consultants

  • Environmental Consultants

  • Fire Service Departments

  • Car Manufacturers

  • Light Industry, Warehouses & Logistics

  • Facilities Managers

  • Contract Cleaners

  • Commercial Landlords And Property Management Companies

  • Council Departments

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Serviced Offices

Welcome to Fire Protection Recycling


Fire Protection Recycling are pleased to hear from any fire extinguisher servicing contractors based in the UK or Europe.

We also welcome enquiries from Facilities Managers, Business Managers or Public Sector Managers who would like to know more about how we can help you and your clients ensure their premises are as safe as possible. 

What We Do


Fire Protection Recycling provide fire extinguisher disposal through the safe and guaranteed recycling of fire extinguishers and fire protection equipment.  This service is available to extinguisher servicing companies, business premises, leisure and retail sectors.  Councils and public sector buildings, facilities management companies and fire fighting services in the UK and Europe can also benefit.

We have five ways of offering our fire extinsguisher and fire protection equipment recycling service.  We can offer a roll on, roll off collection service, a pallet collection service, van collection,  or clients who are experienced in the regular carriage and transportation of extinguishers can choose to 'drop-off' their extinguishers and other fire prevention equipment to be recycled at our facilities in the West Midlands. 

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Benefits Of Working With Us

We hold both a registered waste carrier licence and ISO 9001-14001-2015  You can view these certificates in PDF form here: Waste Carriers License & ISO9001 Certificate & ISO14001 Certificate.

We enable fire extinguisher servicing companies to confidently reassure their customers (or potential customers).  Any condemned, part-used or vandalised fire extinguishers will be removed from the supply system by us.  Almost 100% of the fire extinguisher is recycled. This assists your new and existing clients with their health and safety and environmental policies and responsibilities. The effective and conscientious disposal and recycling of fire extinguishers and related equipment forms part of the responsibilities of any business or public sector operation. As a pressurised container fire extinguishers can be potentially explosive, harmful or even deadly if left in the supply pool after they have been condemned. Here is a case study highlighting the risks of condemned or ineffective fire extinguishers remaining on your premises or within your clients buildings for any longer than necessary. 

Don't Leave It To Chance

If you have any uncertainty about what is happening to old fire extinguishers once they have left your care, then please contact us today (some potentially hazardous extinguishers have even been known to end up on car boot sales). Who is removing your equipment? Can they demonstrate that almost all components of the extinguisher are recycled and defective equipment is guaranteed to be removed from circulation?

For more information and friendly advice with no obligation call Fire Protection Recycling on freephone 0800 019 4529 (or 00 44 121 543 6307 from mainland Europe). Let us show you how we are helping fire equipment servicing companies tender for and win more business through the effective reassurances they can give to their clients.  Perhaps you are responsible for health and safety or a public sector or council department?  If so, then let us show you how we can provide reassurances that potentially hazardous equipment will be removed quickly, efficiently and safely. Help keep your people safe at work from the risks of defective fire prevention equipment whilst also reinforcing your environmental policies.  For more information please call us or email us using our Contact Us page.

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